Keep Fit

Blue Elect PlusSM POS

Point of Service plan option for 2021
Our updated point of service plan, Blue Elect Plus POS, focuses on making it easier for your employees to get access to care. It offers the ease of managed care benefits, like an HMO plan, and the freedom to choose a provider or specialist without a referral. This affordable, flexible plan is available for both small group and large group customers.
Is this plan for you?
  • If you want a plan for your employees that keeps affordability and flexibility at the forefront, this may be right for you. It's also a great option for those with employees outside Michigan.

Does your business qualify as a large group (51 or more full-time equivalent employees)? Contact us to learn about our wider selection of flexible plans for you.

Need help figuring your number of full-time equivalent employees? See "How do I know if my business is a small or large group?"

See a doctor online, anywhere

This plan offers online health care.

This 2021 plan is our update to Blue Elect Plus HMO. Small group customers can get a quote on Sept. 24, and large group customers can get a quote on Aug. 27.