Plan Understanding for Your Employees

Explore the many ways we can help your employees understand their plans and make the most of their health benefits.

Programs to help your employees manage and understand their health care

Explore our solutions designed to create an easy, useful and personal experience for your employees.


Keeping employees informed and engaged

OUR SOLUTION Employer resources

These ready-to-use materials will help you educate your employees how to get the most from their health plan.


Helping employees navigate and understand their plans

OUR SOLUTION Online member account

Your employees can log in to their account to find a doctor, view claims, order ID cards and more.


Getting employees’ questions answered quickly and easily

OUR SOLUTION MIBlue Virtual Assistant

An interactive, automated chat feature available in member accounts providing immediate 24/7 navigational support.


Making sure members can easily find the care they need

OUR SOLUTION Find and Get Care

Transparency tools to help your employees find the right provider and receive cost estimations for 1,600 tests and procedures.


Guiding patients to the most cost-effective doctors and hospitals

OUR SOLUTION Blue Cross Rewards

Financial incentives to help guide your employees to the most affordable care providers.

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