Inclusion and Diversity

We've created a culture of inclusion that focuses on building cultural competency.

"Since 2006, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has made purposeful efforts to ensure that inclusion and diversity are hallmarks of our entire enterprise.

"I am proud of the progress we’ve made over the years — and we strive to make a bigger impact as we continue to build our cultural competency.

"Our journey is continuous. With each step, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan becomes better able to ensure quality health care and the best service experiences for everyone we serve.” 

Daniel J. Loepp
President and CEO

CEO Dan Loepp

By the numbers

of our employees are women
of our employees are people of color
of our leaders are women


Our comprehensive perspective

We broaden the perspective of inclusion and diversity to embrace more than our workforce.

Screenshot of 2023 Inclusion and Diversity Annual Report

Inclusion and diversity report

Blue Cross is committed to promoting and sustaining an environment of inclusion and diversity at every level of the organization, from the board of directors to individual employees. Learn more about this commitment in our annual report.

Transform the future of health care in Michigan

We’re united in our mission to make a meaningful and lasting impact on Michigan citizens. To help achieve this mission, we maintain a robust talent community.