2-50 employees


Employer Dental Plans

A healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy body. By offering one of our specialty benefits, Blue Dental℠, you’re giving your employees a vital tool for overall health.

Two ways to offer dental coverage

Dental care is an inexpensive way to offer your employees a more complete health insurance package. We have two options for coverage.

Employer pays at least 35% of the employees’ premium.

Employer pays less than 35% of the employees’ premium.

Plan name
Network size
Premium cost
Diagnostic and preventive care

Dental wellness programs

Comprehensive dental care is important to the health of your employees. Research shows strong connections between gum disease and serious health issues like diabetes, heart disease and premature birth.

Better oral health means better overall health, with fewer missed work days. That's why all Blue Dental plans come with Blue Dental Connection, our free dental wellness program that focuses on more than just teeth.

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