Our Difference

It's easy to think of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan as simply an insurance company. After all, that's how we got started. But today, we're so much more.

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Improving health care value

More than five million people depend on us for their health care benefits. That's why we consistently strive to improve the quality and value of health care for our members.

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Quality and safety

From reducing unnecessary testing to increasing customer satisfaction, we're setting new standards for health care.

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Controlling costs

Rising health care costs affect everyone. We consistently pursue efforts to keep costs down on behalf of our members.


Improving health care delivery

We ensure that our members have access to quality care and that our providers are enabled to deliver it.

Complete Coverage

Providing access and reliability through the state's largest network

Our members have access to the state's largest network of doctors, hospitals and health care professionals. learn more

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