Online Member Account

A Blue Cross online member account makes it easy for your employees to understand and manage their health care plan.

What your employees can do with their account

Keep track of deductibles, maximums and copays
Look up costs for specific services and make informed care decisions
View claims history, explanation of benefits and other plan documents
Find a doctor or select a primary care physician

How it works

With a Blue Cross online member account, your employees will get easy access to all their health plan information. They can be confident that they have everything they need to understand their medical costs and care.

When they log into their account, they'll see a dashboard of their coverage, claims and costs. This helps them know exactly what's covered and what they may owe before making a payment. It also shows where they stand in meeting their deductible.

This easy-to-navigate account is available 24/7 from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Downloadable resources

Use these toolkits to educate your employees on how to get the most out of their health plan.

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Open enrollment

Help your employees understand how to enroll in a health care plan.

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Flu shot

Educate your employees on the importance of getting the flu shot during flu season.

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Using an online account

Help your employees learn how to manage their online account at

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