Healthy Blue Living motivates your employees to be healthy with two levels. Members get much lower deductibles and copays in the enhanced level, which is determined by:

  • Participation by the employee
  • Results of monitoring six key health areas: body mass index, tobacco use, blood pressure, depression, cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Completion of an online health assessment, physician visit and submission of a health qualification form

Members start with the enhanced level of copays and deductibles. They keep them if:

  • The enrollee (contract holder) completes the plan's requirements and meets the health measures.
  • The enrollee works toward achieving the health measures by following an approved health improvement program.

We handle all program tracking. That makes administration easy for you. To make it easier for employees to earn the enhanced level, Healthy Blue Living comes with these support programs:

  • WW®
  • Steps walking program, powered by WebMD®
  • Tobacco Cessation Coaching, powered by WebMD

WW is an independent company that provides weight-management services to Blue Care Network members.

WebMD Health Services is an independent company supporting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network of Michigan by providing health and wellness services.