For Providers: What is web-DENIS and How Can I Use It?

Web-DENIS is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network's online information system for providers. You can use it to look up eligibility, copays, benefits and claims for all our plans except Blue Cross Complete.

To use it, you'll need to request access.

Depending on your provider type, web-DENIS gives you access to:

  • Patient eligibility, coordination of benefits, deductibles, benefit and name search and prefix lookup
  • Facility claims tracking, rejection and GI code descriptions, HCPCS code descriptions and authorization history
  • Professional claims tracking, commercial payer information search, non-payment code descriptions and Blue Care Network primary care physician claims summary
  • Hospital prenotification

Who can use web-DENIS?

Providers within Michigan can use web-DENIS.

These provider types outside of Michigan also can use it:

  • Clinical independent laboratory
  • Durable medical equipment supplier
  • Freestanding radiology center
  • Hearing
  • Independent diagnostic testing facility
  • Physiological laboratory
  • Vision

How to access web-DENIS

You can access web-DENIS by logging in to the provider portal.

Each staff member who'll be using web-DENIS must have their own user ID and password to log in.

Not yet registered for provider portal? Learn how to get an account.

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