For Providers: What's Risk Bearing Contracted Entity Medical Care Group Self-Service?

RBCE/MCG Self-Service is a secure, electronic, online application within Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s provider portal that makes it easier for RBCEs/MCGs to keep information up-to-date for both Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network.

RBCE/MCG Self-Service is streamlined and electronic, making it easy to keep your records up-to-date. Enrollment and change requests are processed faster, with some transactions completed within minutes. Your data remains secure since your administrator determines its users and access levels. The application process provides an audit trail for every transaction. You can check your RBCE/MCG affiliation information and the status of your enrollment and change requests online anytime. 

What transactions can be completed using RBCE/MCG Self-Service?

  • Enroll new practitioners with your RBCE/MCG
  • Modify practitioner PCP or Specialist (SCP) status within your entity
  • Terminate practitioner RBCE/MCG affiliations

What's required to submit an attestation?

If your transaction requires an attestation, a link is presented for validation. You need to have the ability to scan and attach the documents to complete the submission. The documents need to be downloaded, printed, signed and scanned to your computer. The saved documents will be uploaded during the self-service transaction.

Who can register to use RBCE/MCG Self-Service?

Administrators with responsibility for maintaining data of the Risk Bearing Contracted Entity, or RBCE, practice groups and practitioners are eligible to register for access to RBCE/MCG Self-Service. These registered administrators and their designated staff can maintain information only for their RBCE.

RBCE and MCG access is granted only to employed staff of an RBCE and/or a Managed Care Group (MCG) to access the self-service tools and/or the collaboration site (RBCEs only). This access provides users an assigned ID to access these tools. Each user in an MCG, or RBCE, receives a specific log in ID. For security and privacy reasons, users can't share or take their assigned ID to other practices or locations.

How do I sign up?

  1. All users must have access to the provider portal. If you don't have access, you must first register.
  2.  If you need the Physician Group Incentive Program Practitioner Alignment, Self Assessment Delivery tool or PGIP Collaboration site access: Please contact your Physician Organization, or Organized System of Care primary contact and have them submit an application (PDF) through the PGIP PA Tool.
  3. If RBCE and/or MCG access only is needed: Please fax a completed application (PDF) to 1-800-495-0812.

For additional training material for RBCE/MCG Self-Service, download the RBCE/MCG Self-Service User Guide (PDF)

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