For providers: web-DENIS Overview

Who is this for?

If you want to get info about patients and claims online, this gives you basic information about using web-DENIS in Provider Secured Services.

Web-DENIS is our online information system for providers. It's in Provider Secured Services. You can use it to look up eligibility, copays, benefits, claims and more for patients covered by:

Who can use web-DENIS?

Providers in Michigan are eligible to use web-DENIS. These providers outside of Michigan can also access web-DENIS:

  • Clinical Independent Laboratory
  • Durable Medical Equipment Supplier
  • Freestanding Radiology Center
  • Hearing
  • Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility
  • Physiological Laboratory
  • Vision

How do I get access to web-DENIS?

You need to sign up for Provider Secured Services. Each staff member who'll be using web-DENIS must have their own user ID and password to log in. The link below will take you to an article that gives instructions and forms for:

  • Providers that already use Provider Secured Services but need to add or change access
  • Providers that have never used Provider Secured Services 


What's in web-DENIS?

Depending on the kind of provider you are, web-DENIS gives you access to:

  • Subscriber information: Eligibility, coordination of benefits, deductibles, benefit and name search, prefix lookup (located under Eligibility/Coverage/COB coverage)
  • Facility claims: Claims tracking, rejection and GI code descriptions, HCPCS code descriptions, authorization history
  • Professional claims: Claims tracking, commercial payer information search, non-payment code descriptions, Blue Care Network primary care physician claims summary
  • Hospital prenotification