Research and Innovation

Advancing health care

From the discovery of penicillin to the polio vaccine, invention and research have played a crucial role in advancing health care. We know that by helping to continue this important work, we can improve the health care system for all Michigan's residents.

A man in safety goggles explains an experimetn to two people in a lab

Center for Health Research and Transformation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan joined forces with the University of Michigan to create the nonprofit Center for Health Research and Transformation.

The center combines the research strengths of the University of Michigan with our large network of health care professionals and data to test new ideas for improving health policy and practice.

The center's research:

  • Promotes evidence-based care delivery
  • Improves population health
  • Expands access to care across a wide range of communities
A woman with a prosthetic leg gets ready to run

Foundation research grants

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation gives $2.75 million a year to support research that improves the quality of health care in Michigan.