Health Care Partnerships

We do things a little differently

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan works with doctors, physician organizations and hospitals to help redesign the health care system with the goal of improving the quality of patient care.

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The Blue Cross Value Partnerships program

Value Partnerships is a collection of programs among Blue Cross, physicians and hospitals across Michigan that make health care work better for everyone. It is an award-winning, internationally-recognized collaborative model that enables robust data collection and fosters the sharing of best practices, so health professionals can improve outcomes.

Value Partnerships connects with the provider community to design and execute programs in a customized and collaborative manner and recognizes and rewards improvement by offering meaningful incentives for participants. Overall, Value Partnerships efforts improve the quality of care for all patient populations and make care more cost-effective.

Improvement is an all-inclusive effort

Value Partnerships is a collection of statewide programs among Blue Cross network physicians and hospitals across Michigan that improve the cost and quality of care for all patient populations. These are some of the key programs.

Patient-Centered Medical Homes

A PCMH is a care team, led by a primary care physician, that focuses on each patient’s health needs and coordinates patient care across all settings. 

Collaborative Quality Initiatives

These initiatives bring hospitals and physicians together to improve outcomes, reduce costs and prevent complications.

Physician Group Incentive Program

Primary care doctors, specialists, hospitals, and physician organizations participate to collect data, share best practices and collaborate on initiatives that improve the health care delivery system in Michigan.

Health Information Exchange

An HIE allows physicians, hospitals, labs, and skilled nursing facilities to share electronic patient information in order to provide safer, more effective care tailored to patients’ unique medical needs.

Physician Group Incentive Program

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