Blue High Performance NetworkSM

BlueHPN is designed to give your employees quality care at a lower cost to you.

Affordable health insurance for employees

Your employees will have access to a national network of BlueHPN providers.
BlueHPN providers have been carefully chosen to provide convenient and affordable health care.
There is no coverage outside the network, but employees will have access to emergency care.*
Providers commit to a total cost-of-care savings of 8% or higher over Blue Cross PPO network costs.

Employee benefits

How is BlueHPN different?
BlueHPN is a narrow network. Employees will pay less for appointments and services, but it doesn’t include any out-of-network coverage except emergency care.This means your employees must be sure the providers, clinics or hospitals they choose accept BlueHPN or they may be responsible for up to the total cost of their out-of-network care.

This smaller network was created in partnership with providers and hospitals who’ve been chosen based on their commitment to national and local quality standards. We've also evaluated their ability to meet the most important needs of each community. This includes assessing how consistently providers are:

  • Delivering appropriate care
  • Providing better outcomes
  • Following best practices
  • Encouraging better health management


Plan coverage

The BlueHPN service area map with legal mark double asterisk

By choosing BlueHPN, your employees will have access to a full range of primary care providers, specialists and hospitals in 65+ major metro areas.**

Before they choose, it’s a good idea to have them search to see if their current primary care and other providers are in network. If the providers or services aren’t on the list, they’ll need to find new ones to be covered. They can also search other areas where they or members of their family live, visit or go to school.

Who should consider this plan?

BlueHPN is a quality, cost-effective plan for employees who:

  • Don’t do a lot of traveling where BlueHPN is unavailable
  • Don’t have children going to school outside the coverage area
  • Prefer a lower-cost plan with a smaller network of quality providers
  • Are willing to change providers if theirs not in network 


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We can help you find the right solutions for your business' unique needs.

*Emergency care is covered when provided by BlueHPN and non-BlueHPN providers. Urgent care is only covered when provided by BlueHPN providers. Please contact your health plan administrator or human resources department to learn more about emergency and urgent care coverage. 

**This map is effective Jan. 1, 2022, and is subject to change. The following states have BlueHPN providers in the cities indicated on the map, but they also offer BlueHPN providers outside of those cities: Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Washington.