Timeline for Physician Organizations

The approximate timeline for adding a new Physician Organization for participation in PGIP is:

Timeline for physician organizations
Timeframe Action
June PGIP opens to new POs' announcement published. 
July to August Inquiries/application materials accepted (completed packets due at the end of August). 

Application materials reviewed by Blue Cross, Field Operations staff conduct initial site visit.


List of new POs finalized, POs formally invited to join PGIP.

Note: New PO’s contract isn’t effective until the first of the following year. New POs aren’t eligible to receive payments until their contract is in force.


New POs begin aligning practitioners and practices in the PGIP Practitioner Alignment tool; Field Operations staff conduct return visits and orient PO to PGIP.


New POs are formally invited to attend first PGIP quarterly meeting.


New PO’s PGIP contract begins; new PO is included in the Winter PGIP hierarchy snapshot.


New POs begin receiving PGIP data distribution (claims feeds, datasets, etc.).


New POs receive first PGIP reward payment.

Note: Blue Cross reserves the right to determine when new POs will be eligible to begin receiving incentive payment.