Individual practitioners interested in joining PGIP need to join a participating physician organization. Learn more about how to participate in PGIP.

Physician organization applicants

A physician organization, or PO, is invited to join the Physician Group Incentive Program under any of these situations:

  • As a new PO
  • An existing PO restructures (splinters) its organization to create a new PO
  • Two (or more) existing POs merge to form a new PO

Potential PO applicants must have 75 or more PPO and TRUST panel or Traditional providers, 50 of whom must be practicing as primary care providers (for example: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Practice and General Practice).

If a PO meets the above initial eligibility criteria, an application packet is sent to the PO. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan will provide all materials required to complete the application. Final approval or denial will be given after an evaluation of the PO which requires satisfying standards for PGIP participation, fulfillment of expected PO capabilities and site visits by PGIP Field Operations staff.

How to apply

Applications are accepted during the months of July through August. Take a look at our timeline for adding a new physician organization for participation. Interested applicants need to assess whether they meet program requirements as defined in the requirements for participation, program responsibilities of POs and capability expectations of POs sections of the PGIP Application Overview (PDF).

Interested physician organization applicants can contact us.