For dental providers: How can I get patient information and submit claims?

Who is this for?

If you treat patients covered by Blue Dentalâ„ , this explains how you can easily find patient benefits and submit claims.

We've changed how we process dental claims for some of our members. This affects how you'll submit claims and find eligibility for some patients, but it won't impact patient benefits.

Currently, only members with Medicare Advantage plans, including BCN Advantage, are on a new system. However, all BlueDental members will transition to the new system by 2019.

If you're not sure if your patient has a Medicare Advantage plan, you can check by looking at their Blue Cross ID card. The prefix for Medicare Advantage coverage begins with XYL or XYK.

How do I get started?

Read Contact Information for Dental Care Providers (PDF) to learn how to:

  • Submit claims, appeals and attachments
  • Verify patient eligibility and benefits
  • Contact customer service

To use the document, you'll need to know if your patient has a Medicare Advantage plan, Federal Employee Program plan or a commercial plan.