Whole Person Health Advocate Care

This solution is available to groups with 300 employees or more. It offers comprehensive coverage, guidance from a coordinated care advocate and other Blue Cross support programs.

Why it matters

Whole-person health can help your employees have a better care experience.
It can lead to better employee productivity and medical expense management.
It supports the highest level of employee health with integrated care and personalized support.

How it works

This plan type is available to employers with 300 employees or more. It offers:

  • Medical benefits
  • Prescription drug coverage 
  • Behavioral health coverage 
  • Dental care     
  • Four proven support programs

Whole-person health recognizes that health isn't limited to physical wellness. It includes a person's well-being and their social and behavioral conditions, too.

For Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, this means being a proactive presence in your employees' lives. We strive to understand what's happening outside the doctor's office so we can foster more sustainable health outcomes.

Included programs

This plan offering includes a curated set of solutions. We've designed these solutions to help guide your employees to better health.

Personalized care management and guidance

Blue Cross Coordinated Care AdvocateSM helps your employees with real-time support and personalized guidance. Care advocates communicate with your employees via phone, text or an app to help coordinate their care.

Care advocates can make appointments, find transportation and help your employees understand their test results and diagnoses. Advocates also identify gaps in care and recommend programs for your employees.

Virtual second opinion consultations 

Blue Cross works with 2nd.MD to connect your employees with specialists online for an expert second opinion. These U.S. board-certified doctors answer your questions quickly to help ensure safe, appropriate treatment.

Access to virtual care anytime

If your employee needs medical care for a minor illness or mental health care, we offer the convenience of Virtual Care by Teladoc Health®.

Your employees can talk to a U.S. board-certified doctor from their phone, tablet or computer at anytime. The cost is often the same as an office visit copay or less, and the average wait time is only 10 minutes.

Diabetes management and support

From personalized behavioral counseling to real-time glucose monitoring, your employees can get the support they need to manage their diabetes and improve their glycemic numbers.

This program includes free lancets, test strips and a smart glucometer for our members, as well as tips for healthy lifestyle habits.

How a care advocate makes a difference

A woman speaks with a health care professional.

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