Employee Engagement Toolkits

These resources can be used to inform your employees about the tools and programs available through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. You can download these resources to get the most out of your investment in their health benefits.

Popular toolkits

Each toolkit contains up-to-date educational materials to help employees stay informed.

Diabetes resources
Diabetes resources

Find information on management and preventive care.

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Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment Resources
Open enrollment resources

Help your employees understand HMO and PPO plans.

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Behavioral Health Resources Toolkit
Behavioral health resources

Guide your employees to the right care during times of need.

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Online Account
Using an online account
Using an online account

Find out how to manage an online account.

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More toolkits

Care management
Cancer support
Healthy Blue Living
Virtual Care
Virtual Primary Care PPO
Maternity and menopause
BCN Virtual Primary Care HMO
Personalized medicine
Prescription drug benefit resources
Consumer-directed health
Preventive care
Opioid resources
Health care in retirement
Find a doctor, hospital or facility
Choices for care
Understanding treatment costs
Health and well-being
Blue Cross Rewards
Flu shot resources

Covid-19 vaccines and vaccinations are covered for most people at 100% in-network as part of the Affordable Care Act’s list of preventive benefits. Employer plans subject to ACA requirements must continue to provide 100% coverage in-network for Covid-19 vaccine administration. Out-of-network coverage is subject to group-specific benefits, and non-participating providers are permitted to charge members up to the full cost for vaccines.


Coverage for testing is subject to normal copays and deductibles. Diagnostic Covid-19 tests administered by a health care provider, a testing facility or a lab are subject to normal copays and deductibles, including any out-of-network health care provider charges. Blue Cross does not cover the costs of testing for employment, travel, or participation in school and sports. Members must pay for over-the-counter test kits purchased online or in stores.


Treatment by health care providers is subject to normal copays and deductibles including plan copays and deductibles if a member has a Medicare Advantage plan.

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