Blue Select Network

This network can provide your employees access to high-quality, lower-cost health care options. Your business will benefit from the cost savings, too.

How it benefits your company

This network offers up to 18% savings for your company.
It provides access to quality providers.
It limits out-of-network costs.

How it works

Blue Select is a targeted local network of primary care physicians, specialists and hospitals who provide high-quality care at a lower cost. This means your employees can save money without sacrificing a high level of care. And up to 80% of local PPO providers are in the Blue Select Network, so your employees have choices when it comes to doctors and hospitals.

This network is available in 22 markets throughout the United States. It's ideal for businesses with 200 or more members in a Blue Select Network service area, and for businesses with national or multi-state accounts. 

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Open enrollment

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Flu shot

Educate your employees on the importance of getting the flu shot during flu season.

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Using an online account

Help your employees learn how to manage their online account at

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