Health Program Grants

We promote healthy communities

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan collaborates with organizations across the state to provide social services that address racial and other health disparities and to help families and communities thrive.


Through these alliances, we promote healthy communities, provide access to health care and support access to safe spaces so people can stay physically active.

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Building Healthy Communities

Since 2009, our Building Healthy Communities program has helped more than a half-million students in over 1,260 schools. The program aims to create healthier school environments and, in turn, reduce childhood obesity, prevent chronic disease, improve academic achievement and address mental health and well-being.

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Strengthening the Safety Net

The Strengthening the Safety Net program funds clinics throughout the state of Michigan that provide free or low-cost medical, dental, and behavioral health services. Grantees also help patients obtain medication, insurance coverage, food, and other necessities. Every year since 2005, Blue Cross has supported up to 50 clinics and cared for thousands of vulnerable patients.

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Addressing food and nutrition insecurity

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has partnered with Blue Cross Complete and the United Dairy Industry of Michigan to address food and nutrition insecurity. By increasing the capacity of local food pantries to provide nutrient-rich, fresh food options that require refrigeration, we hope to improve statewide access.

The goal is for community members to have improved access to healthy food options like milk, cheese, fruit, vegetables, yogurt and cottage cheese. To date, 147 food pantries, located in 47 counties, serving 73,000 Michigan residents monthly, benefited from this grant opportunity. Take a look at our list of local food pantries awarded in 2022 and 2023 and find out more information on the Food Pantry Grant Program.

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Health through Giving

Other funding opportunities

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation funds research and programs to improve health care in Michigan. And through our community contributions program, we consider requests from Michigan-based 501(c)(3) organizations working to improve health care.