Blue Care Network Best Practices Library

Blue Care Network is proud to celebrate provider practices that meet high standards for patient care. The practices in BCN Provider News are featured below by topic. The practices were selected because they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • These providers have exemplary outcomes in one or more of the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set® measures or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid star ratings that are used to rate our network for quality and effectiveness of care. 
  • These providers have implemented innovative methods for patient care in specific HEDIS measures or CMS star ratings. 
  • These providers have significantly improved their patient care in areas measured by HEDIS or CMS.
  • These providers received high ratings in the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems® survey.


BCN commends its provider partners for doing their diligence in providing high-quality care to BCN members.

Dr. Bethany Hall with her medical assistant, Halie Johnson

Adolescent immunizations

An interview with Dr. Bethany Hall

Bethany Hall, M.D., Brighton
January-February 2019

Dr. Rhoda Beltran

Antidepressant medication management

An interview with Dr. Rhoda Beltran

Rhoda Beltran, M.D., Grand Rapids
March-April 2019

 Dr. Shelley Drew with patient Kristin Hogeterp

Managing medication compliance helps patients with depression

Shelley Drew, D.O., Walker
July–August 2017

Dr. Carmen Green-Lee and Lilliana Kraepel

Asthma medication compliance

Education and tracking ER use helps patients comply with asthma medications

Carmen Green-Lee, M.D., Ann Arbor
November–December 2013

Dr. Salvatore Ventimiglia and patient Myles Shroyer

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Follow-up appointments for ADHD focus on medication effectiveness, education and compliance

Salvatore Ventimiglia, M.D., Shelby Township
May-June 2018

Dr. Christine Jones and patient John Boyer


Partnering with patients helps them adopt healthier lifestyles

Christine Jones, D.O., Ann Arbor
July-August 2018


Dr. Maria Heck with patient Gypsy Boone Slaughter

Documenting BMI facilitates conversations about lifestyle changes

Maria Heck, D.O., Milan
January-February 2017

Dr. Linda Terrell and patient Lesa Huget

Breast Cancer Screening

Team approach keeps breast cancer screening rates high

Linda Terrell, M.D., Ann Arbor
January–February 2018

Dr. Bruins and nurse practitioner Karen Revitte

Patient phone calls and staff involvement help keep mammogram rates high

George Bruins, M.D., Kentwood
March–April 2013

Dr. Teresa Sherman and staff

Cervical cancer screening

Flint physician makes cervical cancer screening a priority

Teresa Sherman, M.D., Flint
September-October 2018


Learn about the importance of childhood immunizations.

Childhood immunizations

Ann Arbor physician uses quality improvement projects to increase childhood immunization rates

Heather Burrows, M.D., Ann Arbor
November-December 2015


Making sure children are immunized is a priority at Wyoming practice

Tiffany Letts, M.D., Wyoming
January-February 2014

Dr. Lacy examines 3 ½-year-old Maverik Bazzy

Canton physician increases immunization rates by counseling patients

Sarah Lacy, M.D., Canton
March–April 2013

Chlamydia screening should be a regular part of routine check ups.

Chlamydia screening

Chlamydia screening is a team effort

Shannon Kusiak, M.D., Arbor Park
May-June 2015

Dr. Heck speaks with a patient during an exam.

Milan Family Medicine makes chlamydia testing an office routine

Maria Heck, D.O., Milan
March–April 2012

Patient being assisted by Barry Braver

Cholesterol Screening

Detroit physician says cholesterol screening benefits all patients

Barry Braver, D.O., Detroit
July-August 2014

Dr. Carlson and patient Gerald Bachelder

Colorectal cancer screening

An interview with Dr. Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson, M.D., Hastings
July-August 2019

Mark Oberdoerster, M.D., Canton

Making colorectal cancer screening a priority

Mark Oberdoerster, M.D., Canton
November-December 2016

Dr. Thomas Selznick and patient Tonya Lara Keller

Diabetes care

An interview with Thomas Selznick, D.O., Livonia Family Physicians

Thomas Selznick, Livonia
May-June 2019



Patient being assisted by Dr. Steven Bargwell

Electronic medical records help track diabetic eye exams

Steven Bargwell, D.O., Cedar Springs
July-August 2014


Peter Paul, M.D.

Ann Arbor practice keeps diabetics motivated

Peter Paul, M.D., Ann Arbor
July–August 2012

Cecilia Ebert discusses a patient with Dr. Norine Tracy.

Fowlerville Medical Center focuses on diabetic patients

Cecilia Ebert, R.N., Fowlerville
May–June 2011

Perry Olsen and Lisa Rudd, patient

Detroit practice makes diabetic screening a priority

Perry Olson, Detroit
May–June 2011

Dr. Jack Billi, Todd Nelson and patient Robert Donnellan

Flu immunizations

Ann Arbor physician discusses risks of not getting the flu vaccine

Jack Billi, M.D., Ann Arbor
November-December 2018

Dr. Haber

Solo practitioner makes flu immunizations a priority for his patients

Corey Haber, D.O., Auburn Hills
September–October 2012


Follow-up after hospitalization for mental illness

Family-centered focus and coordinated mental health care can help reduce hospital readmissions

Kristin Mecklenburg, MA, LLP, Director of Clinical Services
Forest View Hospital, Grand Rapids
November-December 2012

Dr. Geimer talks to patient Michelle Baumeister

Glaucoma screening

Riverbend Healthcare tracks glaucoma screenings

Sharon Geimer, M.D., Sterling Heights
May–June 2012

Dr. Daniel Tackabury

High blood pressure

An interview with Dr. Tackabury

Daniel Tackabury, M.D., North Branch
March–April 2018

Dr. Parrett, D.O., examines Charlotte Stevenson

Fruitport family doctor explains treatment for high blood pressure

Diane Parrett, D.O., Fruitport
March–April 2016

R. David Brooks, D.O. and Cheryl Lutz

Ypsilanti doctor shares his treatment strategy for high blood pressure patients

R. David Brooks, D.O., Ypsilanti
July–August 2011

Tina Stevens and patient Mari Lamb

HPV vaccination

Lansing pediatric office emphasizes the importance of HPV vaccines

Pediatric Care of Lansing
March–April 2017

Kenneth Bollin, M.D. and Mark Paschall, M.D.

Imaging studies for low back pain

Appropriate use of imaging studies avoids aggressive treatment

Kenneth Bollin, M.D., St. Clair Shores
November–December 2011

Dr. Thorrez examines Michelle Herrera-Gomez

Lead screening

Thorrez Medical Practice makes lead screening a priority

David Thorrez, M.D., Ypsilanti
March–April 2011

Dr. Cicone and patient Chad Osborne

Medication reconciliation

How one doctor helps patients with medication reconciliation

Bruce Cicone, M.D., Ypsilanti
May–June 2017


Dr. Barbara Gurden and medical assistant Tabitha Wintermute


Monitoring for nephropathy is an important diabetes care measure

Barbara Gurden, M.D., Lainsburg
November-December 2017

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Emphasizing prevention is key to treating osteoporosis

Karen Walker, M.D., Ypsilanti
September–October 2011


Dr. Karl J. Edelmann

Persistent medications

Ann Arbor practice monitors persistent medications in the best interest of the patient

Karl J. Edelmann, M.D., Ann Arbor
September–October 2012

Kathleen Howard, M.D., examines Kylee Brower


Patient education is key to reducing antibiotics for pharyngitis

Paul Turke, M.D., Ann Arbor
July-August 2015

Kathleen Howard, M.D., examines Kylee Brower

Ann Arbor pediatrician makes strep testing part of practice's culture

Andrew Seiler, M.D., Ann Arbor
January–February 2013

Martha Walsh, M.D.

Prenatal and postpartum care

Communication and patient relationships are integral to increasing postpartum visits

Martha Walsh, M.D., Brighton
May–June 2013


Dr. Habicht and Mike Stiffler, medical assistant

Smoking cessation 

Macomb physician helps patients quit smoking using a patient-centered approach

John Habicht, M.D., Macomb Township
September–October 2013

Dr. Gary Lynd

Spirometry testing

Spirometry test helps patients improve lung function

James Kohlenberg, M.D., Madison Heights
September–October 2014

Dr. Gary Lynd

Jackson doctor uses spirometry testing to motivate smokers to quit

Gary Lynd, D.O., Jackson
July–August 2013

Dr. Leib with the practice's office receptionists Christy Bannasch (left) and Angela McGee.

Waterford practice uses spirometry to diagnose COPD and asthma

Joel Leib, D.O., Waterford
May–June 2012

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Upper respiratory infection

Lansing Pediatrics treats cold symptoms, educates parents to minimize antibiotic use

Laurie Hult, M.D., Lansing
January–February 2012

Go to the full article on well-child care.

Well-child care

Edgewood Pediatrics' commitment to well-child care and immunizations is a team effort

Brian Gendelman, M.D., Commerce Township
March–April 2011

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