Prior Authorization/Step Therapy Program

To help make sure our members receive the most appropriate and cost-effective therapy, some benefit plans require that additional steps be taken before certain drugs are covered. One or both of these steps may be required, depending on the drug:

  • Prior Authorization: Certain clinical criteria must be met before some drugs are covered. 
  • Step Therapy: Requires that the member has tried an alternative therapy first, or that their physician has clinically documented why they cannot take the alternative therapy. Step therapy may include select over-the-counter products. 

Which drugs require prior authorization or step therapy?

Drugs that require prior authorization or step therapy differ based on the drug list the member's plan uses:

How to request approval

Physicians can request approval one of four ways:

  • Electronic Prior Authorization: Providers can use their electronic health record or CoverMyMeds® to submit electronic prior authorizations for commercial pharmacy members. 
  • Call: 1-800-437-3803
  • BCBSM Fax: 1-866-601-4425
  • BCN Fax: 1-877-442-3778
  • Write: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Pharmacy Services, Mail Code 512, Detroit, MI 48226-2998

Questions? We can help!

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