For providers: Blue Cross® Coordinated Care

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Providers who need information about Blue Cross Coordinated Care.

Blue Cross Coordinated Care is a personalized care management program. It's available to patients and their families facing complex health issues. The program has being implemented across all plan types, so nearly all members are eligible.

Here's how Coordinated Care works

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan identifies patients who face complex health issues to take part in the program. Once identified, a registered nurse will reach out to the patient to connect them to an integrated care team assigned to the patient's community.  

The care team follows a personalized program set up for each patient, reporting progress to the lead nurse and adjusting the care regimen as needed to improve outcomes.  

The Coordinated Care program also offers each patient easy access to the program through the BCBSM Coordinated Care app. The app can help patients:

  • Make and keep appointments
  • Stay on track with their health regimen
  • Be educated about their condition
  • Get health tips and encouragement

Referring patients to Coordinated Care

An eligible patient might be someone who has a history of multiple ER visits yet has not followed prescribed steps to improve their condition. As a provider, you can refer an eligible patient by calling the Blue Cross Engagement Center at: 1-800-775-2583. TTY users call 711.