How to Complete the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Subrogation Form

If you’ve received a Blue Cross Blue Shield subrogation letter and are ready to fill out the required form online, you can get started now.

Subrogation form

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Still have questions about subrogation or how to fill out the form? We have answers to help you through the process.

What's subrogation?

Subrogation is the process of getting the responsible party's insurance company to pay when someone is injured.

How does subrogation work?

Subrogation protects members from paying medical costs that should be paid by whomever is responsible.

Situations that may lead to subrogation include:

  • Being involved in a car accident that isn’t your fault
  • Being injured on the job
  • Someone hurting you, which is a personal injury
  • A doctor doing something that hurts you, which could be medical malpractice

If you've gotten a subrogation letter from Blue Cross, then your next step is to log in and fill out the subrogation form.

Need a subrogation letter?

If you haven’t received a subrogation letter, you can request one from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Subrogation Department.

Don’t have online access?

If you’ve received a subrogation letter but don’t have online access, use the Subrogation Request Questionnaire (PDF). Fill out this form to describe your injury, then send it to Blue Cross at:

Is someone helping you fill out the questionnaire?

If a family member or advisor is helping you fill out your questionnaire, they can view the questionnaire without logging in so they can assist you.

Michigan's no-fault auto insurance law

If you’re looking for information about Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance law, you can read how it affects Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members or Medicare members.

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