Do I Qualify for a Catastrophic Plan?

Because of health care reform, almost everyone in the U.S. is now required to have health insurance. A catastrophic plan may be an option if you:

  • Can't get or don't want Medicaid.
  • Are under 30 years old.
  • Are over 30 and meet the guidelines for a hardship exemption. This includes people whose plan was canceled by their insurer or small group employer.

What's a catastrophic plan?

Catastrophic plans have low monthly payments but a high deductible. A deductible is the amount you pay for health care services before your insurance starts to pay. Once you meet your deductible, our Blue Cross® Value (catastrophic) plans pay 100% for most services. Medical treatment for a serious illness or accident can cost thousands of dollars. So you can see how these plans protect you from catastrophic expenses—and how they're better than no insurance.

Here's a few other things you should know about catastrophic plans:

How do I get a catastrophic plan?

You can start by checking out our catastrophic plans. If everyone who'll be covered by your plan is under 30, select Get a Quote to get a price and apply.

If you're over 30 years old and want to see if you meet the guidelines for hardship exemption, visit for more information.

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