24-Hour Nurse Line

Nurse speaking on the phone

If you're a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan or Blue Care Network member, and have questions about your general health or a specific condition, our 24-hour nurse line can help.

Call one of our registered nurses at: 

 PPO Plans - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
1-800-775-BLUE (2583)

 HMO Plans - Blue Care Network

This 24/7 service connects you with registered nurses supported by board-certified physicians that can:

  • Share tips for healthy lifestyles
  • Discuss at-home treatments for minor illnesses and injuries
  • Answer questions about upcoming surgeries and medical tests
  • Provide health education materials about rare or chronic conditions
  • Teach you about preventive care like mammograms, immunizations and prostate screenings
  • Suggest chronic condition management programs and community resources

Please note: Our 24-hour nurse line should not be used in medical emergencies.