For Employers: What is the PCMH Program?

Would your employees be interested in a program that helps them stay healthy and manage any chronic conditions? Then you might want to tell them about the patient-centered medical home program, or PCMH.

PCMH practices

In a patient-centered medical home, one doctor leads a care team that focuses on keeping a patient healthy instead of just treating them when they are sick.

In PCMH practices, physicians lead care teams that help patients to:

  • Set individualized health goals
  • Take an active role in their health management

With a PCMH, patients have access to: 

  • Preventive care 
    • Counseling
    • Screenings
    • Education
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Community service resources
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • Secure, online access to medical records
  • 24-hour access to a clinical decision maker
  • Health care tracking and monitoring


Since 2009, PCMH-designated practices have continued to improve the quality of care they provide.

For example, in 2017 PCMH-designated practices had 16 percent fewer adult-patient and 18 percent fewer pediatric-patient emergency room visits and 27 percent fewer inpatient hospitalizations than patients in non-designated practices.


  • Download toolkits to help employees better understand their care.
  • Find a Doctor with PCMH designation. Employees can use a PCMH-designated primary care physician no matter what plan they have. 
  • Visit Value Partnerships for more information on PCMH and other programs.

PCMH at Munson Family Practice

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