Patient-Centered Medical Home

Our Patient-Centered Medical Home provides better care and better coverage.

Focusing on the patient means better care, better coverage.

If you had the chance to improve the health of your employees and save money, wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has a way. It’s called the Patient-Centered Medical Home model.

Our program is the largest of its kind in the country. More than 4,020 primary care physicians in 1,420 Michigan practices follow this model of keeping the focus where it should be—on the patient.

It’s a concept with a lot of value for your employees. Our medical home practices have a 27.5 percent lower rate of hospital admissions for adults with ambulatory care-sensitive conditions than other practices.

And our program is growing. From 2009 to 2014, the number of patient-centered medical home practices in Michigan has more than doubled.

Did you know?

Ambulatory care-sensitive conditions are illnesses that could benefit from good outpatient care and early intervention, potentially preventing the need for a hospitalization. 

How the team approach works for you

With a patient-centered medical home, your employees get a whole team of people who know them and work together to give the best care possible.

The team is led by a primary care physician who gets to know the patient and works to make sure other people on the team are always on the same page about care decisions.

“The patient-centered medical home is not a place… it’s not a physical building. The patient-centered medical home is an attitude,” said Dr. Gregg Stefanek, a primary care physician at Gratiot Family Practice in Alma. “It’s a way of giving care to a patient, it’s a way of serving the patient that puts their needs first.”


For instance, if someone needs to see a specialist, their primary care physician makes sure they find one who’s right for them. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is there to make sure employees know what’s covered by their insurance. Pharmacists get them the medications they need. And their primary care physician keeps up on the patient’s progress to make sure everyone is always working together.

Better communication means better care

In the medical home, doctors use electronic health records to coordinate patient information. That way, employees don’t have to repeat the same information to everyone on the team.

And if patients need to have any tests, someone on the team contacts them to explain the results and schedule any follow-up care.

Everyone’s time is valuable

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan knows that your employees have a lot going on in their lives. Our Patient-Centered Medical Home makes it easier for them to get care when they need it, not just when it’s convenient for the practice.

If patients need to see their doctors, schedules are flexible enough to let them get same-day appointments or longer appointments if necessary. Some offices even offer additional support for patients by phone or email.

“I am thankful that I have a medical practice that is respectful of my time. It makes things efficient for me,” said Naomi Zikmund-Fisher, a patient at Chelsea Health Center. “I can get quality health care without having to spend tons of time and I don’t sacrifice anything by doing things by email or phone because I know if it’s serious, they take me seriously.”

An ounce of prevention

But it’s not just about seeing a doctor when someone gets sick. It’s about preventing problems so your employees stay healthy.

Doctors make sure their patients get yearly checkups. Patients with chronic conditions are monitored more closely to make sure that their medicines are working and they’re doing their part to stay healthy.

“Being a medical home enables us to manage a patient when they’re in their normal life, not just when they’re here in the office,” said Dr. Grant Greenberg, medical director at Chelsea Health Center.


Supporting patients builds trust

One of the great aspects of the patient-centered medical home is that it builds more trust between patients and doctors.

It's a team approach. We think it’s the future of health care. And it’s one more way that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan gives your employees a more streamlined, cost-effective path to a healthy life.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your company offer the patient-centered medical home program to your employees.

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