Behavioral Health Resources

Some journeys are similar, and others are completely unique. No matter your path, we’re here for every baby step and deep breath. Explore this collection of resources for you and those you love.

Mental health guidance for members

Get tips on living a balanced life, hear from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan members and see your options for care.

Parent holds their smiling child

You've got the most important job in the world. Let us help you through it.

See parent's guide
Woman opens her eyes and smiles

Make time for your behavioral health with these programs and services.

See women's guide
Two men laugh together

Check in on your mental fitness and learn how to get confidential support.

See men's guide

Older woman looks up mental health solutions

Mind, body, and spirit. Staying fit and active also means taking care of your mental health.

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All members

Good health unites all of us. Get tips for a strong mind-body connection.

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 Caregiver helping elder women

Finding a balance of caring for yourself while caring for others isn't an easy task. Find out how we can help.

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Mental health during COVID-19

A healthier Michigan

Why random acts of kindness are good for you

See how acts of kindness can positively affect your brain.

Start spreading kindness
MI Blues Perspectives

Coping with isolation

Isolation resulting from the pandemic can affect your brain in more ways than one.

Get strategies to cope
MI Blues Perspectives

6 strategies to manage COVID-19 fatigue

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us feeling emotionally fatigued.

Manage COVID-19 fatigue

Health and well-being


Healing invisible wounds: art therapy and PTSD

Learn how art therapy can help with PTSD and other conditions.

Learn about art therapy
A Healthier Michigan

Mindfulness-based techniques to calm kids' anxiety

Several factors can keep children from getting the help they need.

See the techniques
MI Blues Perspectives

Tips for getting stress and anxiety under control

Fifty percent of us, at some point, will have a diagnosable mental health condition.

Get expert tips

Stigma education


What is stigma?

Get to know stigma and how it contributes to poor mental condition outcomes.

Learn about stigma
MI Blues Perspectives

Stigma in minority communities

Understand the mental health stigmas in African American and Latino communities.

Know the facts
A Healthier Michigan

First-hand account of stigma

Learn about mental health stigma from someone who's experienced it themself.

Read his story

Substance use and crisis support


Suicide prevention

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 10-34, and it's highest among men.

Get more information
MI Blues Perspectives

Opioid epidemic

One in four Americans knows someone facing opioid addiction or who has died from it.

Learn about opioids
A Healthier Michigan

When kids cut: Understanding self-harm

Self-harm is a mental health behavior some adolescents and teens keep secret.

Prevent self-harm

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