How do I recredential?

Who is this for?

Get information and forms needed for recredentialing.

If it's time for you to review and update the information you use for credentialing, this explains what that involves and provides the forms you need to recredential.

All providers need to periodically review the information they submit for credentialing. It's your opportunity to make updates and confirm existing information. What you need to do to recredential depends on your provider type. 

For hospitals and facilities

Hospitals and facilities are required to recredential every three years from the time they first join our network. You'll need to fill out one of the forms linked below and fax it to us. Required forms will need to include a signature and must be dated within 120 days of the request.

If you're a:

  • Clinical independent laboratory
  • Durable medical equipment supplier
  • Freestanding Radiology Center
  • Medicare-approved ambulatory surgical facility
  • Medicare-approved physiological laboratory
  • Urgent care center

Use this form: Allied Provider Recredentialing Form (PDF)

All other facilities should use the Facility Provider Recredentialing Form (PDF)

For physicians and professionals

You'll use CAQH ProView® to recredential, also called reattestation. It's the process of logging in to CAQH ProView, updating your information if needed, and then attesting, or certifying, that all the information is correct. You're required to reattest every 120 days.