What are the NPI reporting instructions for providers with multiple locations?

Historically, provider IDs were established to identify specific office locations at the request of the provider. This allows providers to manage the administration of their business separately for each office location.

BCBSM can only recognize these locations if each has an additional NPI associated with it. Consequently, effective May 23, 2008, BCBSM will not have the ability to pay claims for locations that are not enumerated with a separate NPI. BCBSM will need to terminate the BCBSM provider IDs for office locations that were not enumerated with a separate NPI. To do this, you will need to complete the Group Enrollment and Change Form and fax it to Provider Enrollment and Data Management at 1-866-900-0250.

The individual providers who were affiliated with a terminated group PIN will need to be reassigned to one of the remaining group PINs for office locations that are identified by a unique NPI.

Adding members to a participating group will also require the completion of the Group Practice Agency Authorization form (PDF). If you have questions on how to complete these forms, please call Provider Enrollment and Data Management at 1-800-822-2761.