Still submitting paper claims?

You can submit directly through this website.

To assist you in your transition to electronic billing, we've developed the internet claim submission tool. This online tool is designed for providers who currently submit only paper claims. Learn more about how to Make the switch to electronic billing (PDF).

You're eligible to use the internet claim submission tool if you have a valid Michigan provider code and currently don't submit any claims electronically.

Signing up is easy. Here's what you need to do.

1. Complete the appropriate internet claim tool profile:

2. Sign up for Provider Secured Services

3. Complete a Trading Partner Agreement

Already purchased electronic billing software?

If you've decided to bill us electronically using billing software you purchased from a vendor, you must:

Developed your own electronic billing software?

To become an approved submitter, you must complete these steps:

  1. Complete self-testing.
  2. After you've received three passed files for each line of business tested, call the number on the test instruction letter to begin subsystem testing. If you haven't received testing instructions, please contact the EDI help desk at 1-800-542-0945.