Ten Tips For Getting the Most Out of bcbsm.com

Your health care follows you everywhere, so it's there when you need it. That's why we made it easier for you to manage your health care online.

With an account at bcbsm.com, you can access essential information about your claims and benefits from your computer, smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

These tips can help you get to know your account at bcbsm.com. They include advice on how to find things quickly and how to use some of the features you may be less familiar with.

1. Always have your Blue Cross ID with you

If you lose or forget your Blue Cross card, you can look up a virtual copy on any smartphone or tablet. Just log in to the mobile version of your account at bcbsm.com, and tap the card icon.

2. Monitor your family balance

This is really important if you have multiple people on your plan. Check out the Overview & Balances page under My Coverage for a visual breakdown of your family's individual deductible and coinsurance balances and how they combine into your family totals.

3. If you have questions, know who to call

We'll show you all the numbers you need right from the Contact Us page.

4. Control who sees your information

If there are multiple people on your plan, you can choose what access the other members have to your personal information. There are three levels of access: None, Limited and All. Go to Permissions under Account Settings for more information.

5. Filter your claims

If you're looking for a specific claim, you can filter by things like date, patient, plan type and more. You can also sort your claims from oldest to newest, or most expensive to least expensive, by clicking on the column titles.

6. Use keyboard shortcuts to find what you need

There's a lot of information to scroll through in the What's Covered section of your account. Thankfully, the Find function can save you time. Ctrl + F for Windows users, or Command + F if you're on a Mac, will open a search box in your browser window. Just enter a word or phrase, like "autism" or "urgent care." You'll see how many times the word appears and where it lives on the page.

7. Use your claims to help you with your budget

With one click, you can export your claims data straight from the website to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. From there, you can easily add it to your other expenses and plan for future spending.

8. Increase text size

If you're having a hard time reading the text because the font is too small, click Change Text Size at the bottom of the page. You'll see instructions to increase the font size specific to your web browser.

9. Save money by buying healthy

You can find special wellness discounts for members on the Health & Wellness page.

10. Go paperless

Go paperless and reduce clutter. Get online explanation of benefits statements, or EOBs. You'll get an email alert whenever a new EOB is available.

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