When Can I Buy an Individual and Family Plan?

You can buy a health plan at different times during the year. These are called enrollment periods. It's important to learn these dates so you make sure you have coverage and avoid a penalty.

There are two types of enrollments: open enrollment and special enrollment.

Open enrollment for 2023 coverage runs from Nov. 1, 2023 to Jan. 16, 2024.

Open enrollment

This is a set period of time every year when you can buy health coverage from private insurance companies or on the marketplace at healthcare.gov. You don't have to meet any special circumstances. Exact dates may vary from year to year. 

How do I buy a plan during open enrollment?

During open enrollment, you can shop, get a quote and sign up for our plans for individuals and families online. You can also call one of our health plan advisors at 1-855-237-3501 or have us call you. They’ll help you find the right plan and get you enrolled.

Once you enroll, you can learn more about paying your first premium bill in our Payments FAQ.

Can I buy a plan if open enrollment is closed?

You can buy or change an existing health plan outside of open enrollment if you've recently had a qualifying event in your life. We call this a special enrollment period. To learn more, see How Do I Buy or Change a Plan During Special Enrollment?

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