How can I find a pharmacy to fill my prescription?

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Michigan Health Insurance – Customer Service – Pharmacy

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network members under age 65 with prescription drug coverage.

Just like when you need medical care, your costs are lower when you go to a pharmacy that takes your insurance.

You're responsible only for your prescription drug copay, coinsurance or deductible. Compared to paying the full cost of your medication at an out-of-network pharmacy, that's a big savings.

Finding a pharmacy that participates with us is easy. That's because many pharmacies are in our network: more than 2,400 in Michigan and 69,000 nationwide. That includes most major chains.

But if one isn't right around the corner and you need information, that's pretty easy too.

Log in to your member account

The best way to search is to log in to your member account. There you'll see only pharmacies in Michigan and the U.S. that take your plan.

Start by going to the prescription section under My Coverage. Then:

  • On our website, scroll down and select Find a Pharmacy
  • On the app, go to Express Scripts, open the main menu, and select Find a Pharmacy

You can also use the Blue Cross mobile app to find the same information.

90-day refills

You may save time and money on your prescription drugs by getting a 90-day supply, also called a maintenance supply. 

Most pharmacies provide 90-day supplies and refills, but not all. If you want to be sure:

  • Log in to your member account on our website and select Find a Pharmacy. After you search, look for pharmacies that answer yes to "Dispenses a maintenance supply"
  • Look on this list of participating 90-day retail pharmacies (PDF) in Michigan

Specialty drugs

Most specialty drugs can be filled at a retail pharmacy or by mail order through Alliance Rx Walgreens Prime Specialty Pharmacy. Some specialty drugs can only be ordered by phone and delivered by mail from one pharmacy.

If your doctor didn't send in the prescription for you, use the Specialty Drug Program Rx Benefit Member Guide (PDF) to look up your drug and find out where and how to fill your prescription.

Out-of-state pharmacies

Traveling in the states outside of Michigan?

If you fill your prescription at a retail pharmacy, the out-of-state retail specialty network (PDF) will help you find a pharmacy. 

Tip: If you have to pay for a prescription yourself because you couldn't find an in-network pharmacy, you can ask us to reimburse you using a claim form. You can find the one you need in our prescription drug forms section.