Strengthening the Safety Net Grant

Whether you're concerned about an accident, an illness or managing a chronic disease, about yourself or someone you love, it's scary when you don’t have enough health insurance or any at all. Luckily there’s a safety net: free and low-cost health clinics. Our Strengthening the Safety Net grants help make sure these clinics are there for those who need it most.

This program strengthens and stabilizes access to health care for Michigan's uninsured and underinsured residents. Since 2005, we've awarded more than $15 million in grants so safety net clinics can care for the uninsured and underinsured.

Strengthening the Safety Net with Exalta Health, Grand Rapids

Since 2006, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is proud to partner with Exalta Health in Grand Rapids, a free clinic that is truly a labor of love for the community. Last year, volunteers gave almost 6,000 hours of their time to make sure that 10,000 low-income patients received the health and dental care they needed at little or no cost. 

Every one of Exalta Health’s 10,000 patients has an important story to tell. Fidelina’s experience is typical. When she arrived at the clinic, the first thing she did was see the doctor. The Patient Navigator helped her find affordable insurance and medication. Recently, Fidelina participated in Diabetes Day, a program offered each month that includes health education, lab work and retina and foot exams.

According to Exalta Health Medical Director, Dr. Laura VanderMolen, “Fidelina’s story may not seem that exciting, but I find it beautiful when we are able to help some patients before they have terrible complications. Fidelina was seen in time to prevent disease progression. She likes to come here and she receives excellent medical care. For me, this is very exciting!” 

Exalta Health is one of nearly 50 Blue Cross Strengthening the Safety Net grantees. We are proud to partner with medical professionals across Michigan. Just like the team at Exalta Health, we are working to improve lives and strengthen communities.