Many People, One Company

We value diversity. We’re committed to inclusion. We understand the need to go further and do more to address equality and equity, and how we serve our members, customers and employees. It starts with our executive team and is valued and reinforced throughout our organization.

More than a decade ago, Daniel J. Loepp, president and CEO, established the Diversity Leadership Council, which provides leadership and guidance for diversity and inclusion practices and initiatives. The members actively engage employees in understanding the many facets of diversity and enabling Blue Cross to provide the best in customer service.

With a focus of promoting a culture of inclusion, tremendous strides have taken place to evolve our diversity journey. To develop cultural competency among employees, Blue Cross holds learning sessions throughout the year that increase awareness and understanding of different cultures, communities, generations, workstyles and perspectives.

Employee Resource Networks

The diverse voices, experiences and perspectives of employees are shared through 10 Employee Resource Networks, known as ERNs. The ERN program strengthens our commitment to an inclusive workplace, by bringing together employees who have a common interest to learn, engage, serve as allies and influence our workplace culture. The ERNs also provide professional development opportunities and provide fresh perspectives to make our business better. More than 30% of Blue Cross employees are a member of a least one ERN. All ERNs are open to any employee who is interested in joining.

The 10 Employee Resource Networks:

  • Active Blue ERN – Promotes the importance of health and wellness  
  • Asian-Pacific Employee Resource ERN – Increases understanding of the Asian-Pacific community and its diverse cultures
  • Azul Hispanic Latino Professionals ERN – Increases understanding of the Hispanic Latinx community 
  • BlueACTS ERN – Increases understanding of the African American experience
  • Bright Blue ERN – Increases understanding of seen and unseen disabilities
  • Equally Blue ERN – Supports and increases understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community 
  • Multicultural ERN – Recognizes various cultures and communities 
  • POWER ERN – Works to empower women and expand their skills
  • Veterans ERN – Connects veterans and allies to help veterans succeed
  • Young Professional ERN – Encourages a multigenerational workforce. 

Learning sessions and volunteer activities are held throughout the year to engage employees. During August, Blue Cross holds more than 30 learning sessions to Celebrate Diversity!

Employee Diversity

Having diverse representation in the company helps us to provide the best in customer service. Our culture of inclusion promotes an environment of learning, understanding and sharing of diverse perspectives and experiences. This helps us to interact with empathy and compassion. The following is our current workforce representation.

43.1 percent of workforce is people of color


If you want to be part of the inclusive culture at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, find out more about career opportunities with us.