Many People, One Company

We're committed to diversity. It starts with our executive staff and is reinforced throughout our organization.

Our President and CEO, Daniel J. Loepp, developed the Diversity Leadership Council to be responsible for our staff commitment to diversity. The council is made up of executives from different areas of the organization. They help employees understand diversity and inclusion.

We reinforce our commitment through diversity training and learning sessions that increase awareness of different cultures and communities. It's essential for our business growth and support of our members.

Our employee resource networks strengthen this commitment. The networks bring together employees who have a common interest. They promote diversity, create professional development opportunities and provide fresh perspectives to make our business better. 

We offer a variety of employee resource networks that focus on various dimensions of diversity that include gender, veteran status, differently abled, sexual orientation, generational and cultural diversity. They are open to all Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan employees who are interested in joining.

We have 10 Employee Resource Networks:

  • Multicultural Network - Embracing a full spectrum of diverse dimensions
  • POWER Network - Professional women's network
  • Equally Blue Network - Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and ally network
  • Active Blue - Physical fitness and wellness
  • BlueACTS - African Ancestry Committed to Success
  • Young Professional Network - Interns, full-time employees and all generations
  • Azul Hispanic Latino Professionals Network
  • Asian-Pacific Employee Resource Network
  • Veterans Network
  • Bright Blue - differently abled and ally network

Some of our other events that expand cultural awareness are:

  • Diversity expos
  • Heritage month celebrations
  • Panel discussions and seminars


Employee diversity

Our country’s workforce is becoming increasingly diverse. At Blue Cross, we’re proud of the diversity in our workforce. Over 40 percent of our employees are people of color and 73 percent of our employees are women.

Pie charts that show the diverse workforce at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

We have gender equality in our leadership positions:

  • 52 percent of our higher management (director and up) positions are filled by women
  • 41 percent of our vice presidents are women
  • Eight women serve on our 35-member board of directors

This pie chart shows gender equality in leadership at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

If you want to be part of promoting diversity in your workplace, find out more about career opportunities with us.