Embracing Diversity

We understand that the community we serve is diverse and how those differences can affect how our members relate to us. We find ways to interact with our diverse communities and improve access to health care where it's most needed. 


Community outreach

We work with diverse communities across the state to overcome their health care challenges

Our programs help people of all ages and backgrounds get better access to health care and get healthier. We focus on promoting healthy lifestyles by spreading awareness about everything from physical activity to obesity prevention.

We partner with local organizations to build healthier communities. We support them through volunteer efforts of our employees. 


Serving diverse markets

We're committed to understanding the needs of our state’s increasingly diverse population.

We use the insights we gain from our members and our work with diverse community groups to create new approaches and services. For example, we have health plans that meet the needs of varying age groups and reward members for leading healthier lifestyles.

We try to immerse ourselves in the communities we serve. We host enrollment events and free health expos to educate and enroll members in plans that work for them.

We take pride in meeting the needs of all our diverse members. One way we do this is by translating our educational information to avoid language barriers.