For Employers: What is the Win by Losing Weight Loss Challenge?

Win by Losing is a weight loss competition sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. It helps you and your employees support each other while getting healthy. Any company in Michigan that offers Blue Cross insurance can compete. Your employees don't have to be enrolled in order to participate.

We host Win by Losing competitions twice a year. 


Registration opens one week before the competition begins. During registration, there will be a Register button at the top of the Win by Losing Weight Loss Challenge page. You’ll need your company name, the number of participating employees and the total starting weight of your team. 

How it works

We divide teams into four divisions based on the number of participants.

  • 10 or fewer
  • 11 to 29
  • 30 to 59
  • 60 or more

Each Friday, you'll go to the Win by Losing page and choose the Report Weight Loss button. You'll enter the pounds your team lost or gained for the week. At the end of the competition, the team with the largest percentage of weight loss in each division wins a trophy and t-shirts for all participants.


You can find the program toolkit on the right hand side of the Win by Losing page. There are diet and exercise tips, recipes and meal plans to help your employees reach their goals.

Our members get some extra resources through their online account. After you log in to, you can:

  • Complete a health assessment
  • Get personalized tips from the Balance® and Nourish® coaching programs 
  • Find exclusive discounts on healthy products and services through Blue365®.
  • You’ll get weekly emails from Win by Losing. You can also see updates and news on the website.
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