eMCS Video Transcript


Welcome to our Introduction to the Electronic Membership Collection System, eMCS, our online membership management tool. This demonstration will review some of the most common eMCS screens and functions you will use when managing group membership.

This presentation contains voiceover content. To listen to the presentation, make sure your computer speaker is on. To turn the sound off, set your computer speaker to mute.

eMCS is a web-based tool that makes it easy to access membership information and allows the user to: view group, subgroup, or class, request ID cards, view, add, modify, reinstate, cancel, or transfer contracts, and view, add, modify, reinstate, or cancel members. This demonstration assumes users have already requested access to eMCS.

To enter the system, start by logging in to your Employer or Agent account on bcbsm.com. Once you've logged in, select Membership and Group Tools from the main menu on the top of the page and click Membership and Eligibility or select the Membership & Eligibility link from the main section in the middle of the page. The eMCS level of access to group information is driven by each user's login ID.

Select BCN to enter eMCS. The eMCS home page displays system availability, relevant administration messages, and the membership and eligibility Help Desk phone number, 1-800-970-6684.


Before we actually walk through the system, let's look at the navigation menu on the left side of the screen for a brief overview of the eMCS tool.

The first section is inquiry. Users can view group and contract inquiries and perform a member search.

In the contract section of the navigation menu, users can view and manage contracts. Users can view, add, cancel, modify, reinstate, and transfer contracts.

ID cards are managed in the ID card section of the navigation menu. The Manual section contains a link to the eMCS online manual.

Next we'll go into each area by walking through some key functions the users perform in eMCS.


Now, let's dig deeper into each of the sections starting with inquiries.

Select Group Inquiry from the navigation menu. Fill in the group number and sub group number fields and select Continue. Note, fields mark with an asterisk are required fields. eMCS will not allow users to proceed until fields are populated. The inquiry results will show the group name, paid through date, and contact information.


Next, we'll review contract processing. In the contract section of the navigation menu, users can perform an number of activities, including add, cancel, modify, reinstate, or transfer contracts.

To add a new contract, select add new contract from the navigation menu. Fill in the Social Security Number for the subscriber, and the group number, and select continue. A contract form appears.

Enter all of the fields with the subscriber's information. If you are only adding the subscriber, select submit. If you need to add family members to the contract, select add more members. Note, Social Security Numbers are required for members 45 years or older.

To terminate an existing contract, select cancel contract from the navigation menu. Enter the contract number and group number, and select continue. On the next screen, you will need to select a termination reason from the drop down menu. Populate the termination date, select submit. A message asking if you are sure you want to cancel the contract will appear. If you are sure, select OK. The contract has been successfully terminated. Note, it may take up to 24 hours for the system to reflect this change.

To transfer a contract, select transfer contract from the navigation menu. Populate the contract Social Security Number field and the group number field, and select continue. In this form, you are able to transfer terminated contracts to COBRA, or transfer contracts to a new subgroup or class. Note, if the COBRA contract indicator is Y, select a COBRA class if one is available. If no COBRA class is listed, COBRA coverage will be added to the selected class.

Now we'll look at the member processing section. Within this section, you can choose to add, cancel, modify, reinstate or transfer a member contract.

Need to add a member to an existing contract? Select modify contract from the navigation menu. Enter the subscriber contract number or Social Security Number and the group number, then select continue.

On the next screen, select add new to add new member to the contract. At the member level, modify contract can be used when terminating a contract, modifying details on a contract such as name and address, or when reinstating a terminated member.

To cancel a member from a contract, select the member you need to cancel from the list, select cancel from the drop down menu at the bottom, and select continue. If you need to reinstate a member to a contract, select the member that needs to be reinstated. Select reinstate from the drop down menu, and select continue. On the next screen, you will need to enter the reinstate effective date and submit.

To modify details about a member, choose the member who needs modifying. Select modify from the dropdown menu, and select continue. Update the necessary fields within the form, and select submit.

Request ID Cards

To request ID cards, select ID Cards, Request ID Card from the navigation menu. Enter the contract number or social security number and the group number, click Continue.

Note, the current date will automatically populate in the Request Effective Date field. If a contract has a future effective date, the Request Effective Date will need to be changed to indicate that future effective date. The calendar feature can be used to select the appropriate date and will automatically put the date in the correct format.

Select Order ID Card to finish the ID card request, or if you need the ID card sent to a different address than what is listed, select Modify Address.

Audit Trail

The audit trail function allows users to see the history of changes made to the membership profile. It displays when the change was made, what change was made, and by whom.

To use this option, click view audit trail in the navigation menu, enter the group ID and subgroup ID, and click continue. The audit trail screen displays.

Select a link under the change description field to view detailed information of the changes made. The audit trail field details popup window will display. If you like, you may print this page. Click close to exit out of the window.


To logout of eMCS, use the logout link on the navigation menu bar.

This concludes our demonstration of eMCS. For further information or questions regarding membership changes, contact Group Inquiry at 1-800-970-6684. For technical support, please contact the Web Support Help Desk at 1-877-258-3932. Thank you.