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Bridget G. Hurd

"At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, inclusion and diversity is about all people. We embrace a culture of inclusion, where cultural competency is a cornerstone, where empathy and compassion is practiced.


"We learn from one another and share our experiences and perspectives creating a community where there is a strong sense of belonging for employees.

"Cultural competency also enables us to provide the best in customer experience regardless of race, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability or other aspects of diversity."

Bridget G. Hurd
Vice President, Inclusion and Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer

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Many people, one company

We value diversity

We know that a commitment to inclusion and diversity is more than just words, it includes action. It starts at the top with our board of directors, president and CEO Daniel J. Loepp, the executive team and includes active employee engagement and participation.

In 2006, we established an inclusion and diversity corporate strategy with a focus on fostering a vibrant workplace culture where both similarities and differences are appreciated and respected. We also implemented a Diversity Leadership Council that provides leadership and guidance for inclusion and diversity practices and initiatives. Recognizing the many facets of diversity from race and ethnicity to disability, to neurodiversity, veteran status and more, best practices are put in place to help create an environment where employees can prosper.

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Developing Perspectives

Committed to a culture of inclusion

Our Inclusion and Diversity Strategic Objectives are to:

  • Attract, develop and retain a diverse and culturally competent workforce
  • Integrate and embed inclusion and diversity into the business
  • Promote a culture of inclusion
  • Advance health equity

There is power in learning. Blue Cross holds more than 100 employee-focused learning sessions throughout the year to increase awareness and understanding of different cultures, communities, generations, workstyles and perspectives.

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Recognizing needs

Ensuring health care

Health equity is the state in which everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of health. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has a multi-year strategy to advance health equity and partners with providers, community organizations and other stakeholders to address disparities and social determinants of health.

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Building young talent

We build strong relationships with colleges and professional organizations to recruit diverse talent. We were the first employer in Wayne County to partner with Project SEARCH to help young adults with disabilities transition from school to work environments. 

Employee Resource Networks

Employees share diverse voices, experiences and perspectives through 11 Employee Resource Networks, known as ERNs. The ERN program strengthens our commitment to an inclusive workplace by bringing together employees who have a common interest to learn, share experiences and perspectives, engage, serve as allies, and influence our workplace culture. The ERNs also provide professional development opportunities and insightful perspectives to make our business better. More than 30 percent of Blue Cross employees are a member of a least one ERN. All ERNs are open to any employee who is interested in joining.

The 11 Employee Resource Networks:

  1. Active Blue ERN – Promotes the importance of health and wellness 
  2. Asian-Pacific Employee Resource ERN – Increases understanding of the Asian-Pacific community and its diverse cultures
  3. BlueACTS ERN – Increases understanding of the African American experience
  4. Bright Blue ERN – Increases understanding of seen and unseen disabilities and neurodiversity
  5. Equally Empowered ERN – Supports and increases understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community
  6. Multicultural ERN – Recognizes various cultures and communities including European, Northern African, Middle Eastern, Chaldean and Arab American communities
  7. Native American and Indigenous Peoples - Increases awareness of the Native American and Indigenous communities and their diverse cultures
  8. POWER ERN – Works to empower women and expand their skills
  9. Unidos ERN – Increases understanding of the Hispanic Latinx community
  10. Veterans ERN – Connects veterans and allies to help veterans succeed
  11. Young Professionals ERN – Encourages a multigenerational workforce
Infographic showing generations in the workplace at BCBSM Gen X 51% Millenial 29% Baby boomers 15% Gen Z 5% Traditionalist 0%

Prioritizing People

Employee diversity

Having diverse representation in the company helps us to provide the best in customer service. Our culture of inclusion promotes an environment of learning, understanding and sharing of diverse perspectives and experiences. This helps us to interact with empathy and compassion. 

of employees self-identify with having a disability
of women leaders are of color
inclusion and diversity awards over the past two decades

Transform the future of health care in Michigan

We’re united in our mission to make a meaningful and lasting impact on Michigan citizens. To help achieve this mission, we maintain a robust talent community.