Members and Community

"Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is as committed as ever to listening and understanding the communities we serve and having an outside-in perspective to meeting the diverse needs of the marketplace.

"Data clearly shows that the Michigan market, and our current customer base, is diverse. Going forward, the Blues' approaches to inclusion and diversity will be a source of innovation and competitive advantage, a key factor in our growth and success."

Ken Dallafior
Executive Vice President and President, Health Plan Business

Ken Dallafior

We embrace inclusion and diversity

Blue Cross is focused on promoting health and wellness for all of our members. We understand that the communities we serve are diverse, with unique needs. We find ways to interact with them so we can improve health care quality and access, when and where it's most needed. 

We serve diverse markets

We're committed to understanding the needs of our state’s increasingly diverse population. We use the insights gained from our members and our work with diverse community groups to create new approaches and services. For example, we have health plans that meet the needs of varying age groups and reward members for leading healthier lifestyles.


We try to immerse ourselves in the communities we serve. by hosting enrollment events and free health expos to educate and enroll members in plans that work for them.


We take pride in meeting the needs of all our diverse members, such as addressing maternal health issues, prioritizing family building and parenting, supporting our LGBTQ+ communities, and translating our educational information to overcome language barriers.

A nurse bandages a young girl's arm
Volunteers sort through boxes

We extend community outreach

Our programs help people of all ages and backgrounds get better access to health care, which leads to better health. We promote healthy lifestyles by spreading awareness about everything from physical activity to obesity prevention to health screenings and managing mental health concerns. We partner with local organizations to build healthier communities and we support them through employee volunteerism.  Through our efforts, we help to improve health, reduce health care disparities and account for social determinants of health.

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We ensure accessibility

At Blue Cross, we recognize the needs of diverse members and employees and that we all have different ways of communicating and receiving information. Our 508 compliance committee continues to ensure that we maintain compliance with regulatory requirements for accessibility to meet the needs of all our customers, including those with disabilities. We are also committed to providing appropriate workplace accommodations for employees to ensure communications accessibility as well as accessibility to building sites and workspaces.

A woman uses assisted to technology to work on a computer