Health Savings Accounts

Understanding HSA Plans

Consumer-directed health plans are sometimes called high-deductible health plans. They're also called HSA-compatible plans because they can be paired with a health savings account. An HSA is a type of bank account to help you save for your health care expenses. Instead of spending money on higher premiums, you can keep that money in an HSA to use on your health care expenses. The account is yours, and you'll never lose what you put in.

Plans with an HSA are different than traditional plans, but they can work for almost anyone. The key is knowing how they work. Let us show you how HSAs can benefit you.

Learn more about health savings accounts

Still have questions about how HSAs and other health spending accounts work? Visit our Help section to get answers.
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Are you a group customer?

If you get coverage through your employer, we can help you understand how these accounts work for you. Visit our HSA page to find out more.
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Enroll in a HSA

Choose the HealthEquity HSA enrollment form you need for your plan. Also read about the easy options to contribute to your new HSA account.
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HealthEquity® HSA

HealthEquity provides an HSA option that helps you save money and invest in your health. Go to their website to see what HealthEquity can do for you.
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HSA Bank

Integrate your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan plan with HSA Bank and explore your health care investment options. Visit their website for more information.
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