Quality and Safety

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are dedicated to making sure your health care is high-quality and safe. We do that by:

Ensuring excellence

  • From your plan. We collect a lot of data on health care services. We use this data to improve your health care by researching how much these services cost, how they’re used and how effective they are. 
  • From your doctors. Health care professionals have to meet strict standards to join our network. We work with them to make sure they continue to provide you with excellent service.
  • From us. We pay attention to the accuracy and timeliness of claims, inquiry and membership processing to make sure you’re getting the best customer service possible.

Putting your safety first

We support efforts to make your health care safer by:

  • Teaching you to be an active guardian of your own care
  • Advising doctors about safe practices
  • Putting safeguards in place to protect you from drug interactions and side effects
  • Developing internal risk management systems

Working together for you

Here are some of the groups we've worked with to improve the quality and safety of your care: