Controlling Costs

We all feel the pain of rising health care costs. 

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, we’re working to lower your costs without lowering the quality of your care. 

Here’s what we do to control health care costs.

We spend your money on you

Some people think that insurance companies spend most of their money on administrative expenses and corporate profits. 

That’s not true with us.

We’re a nonprofit company. We spend our money where it belongs: on you. 

Only a small percentage of each premium dollar goes toward administrative costs. Administrative costs include things like negotiating contracts with health care professionals and paying state and federal taxes.

Embrace generic drugs

Don’t judge a drug by its name.

Generic drugs—medication without all the fancy advertising—are safe and work just as well name-brands. They also lower your copays and overall costs.

Need proof? Visit these resources:

Fight health care fraud

We work with local, state and federal authorities to bring fraud offenders to justice. Since 1980, our Corporate and Financial Investigations unit has recovered more than $300 million. 

Find out more about what we’re doing to stop health care fraud and how you can help.


Support health and wellness

It’s a fact. Healthy people use their health care less. 

We’re dedicated to giving our members the tools and support they need to make better choices and achieve healthier lifestyles.