Get prepped for a new semester

The college years have arrived. As new adults enter an exciting chapter of their lives, parents also have to prepare for the road that lies ahead for their children. A more independent phase of health care awaits. 

Now, what will happen with their health care while they're away? What are the easiest ways they can find and get the care they need? Whether they're entering the workforce or leaving for college, they'll need to prepare. Read the tips below to know what to do. 


If your student is under 18: 

Consider submitting a minor consent form to the college or university health center. Michigan law requires consent for treatment of most illnesses or injuries to minors.

Contact the college or university for more information.


If your student is over 18:

Because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as a parent, you're legally unable to control your child's medical decisions. Talk to your student about becoming a patient advocate for them.