You have choices when it comes to care

You compare costs for plane tickets, TVs and even new laptops. So why not do the same for your health care?

If you’re a Blue Cross member with a qualifying plan*, you can log in to get estimates for services ranging from routine tests to complex surgeries. Then choose the option that’s right for you and your wallet. 


Which would you choose?

Let’s say you’ve badly injured your knee. Your doctor recommends an MRI to see if you need surgery. The cost of that MRI could drastically change, depending on where you get care:

The estimated cost of an MRI is $691 at one location or $1,678 at another.


Now, let's say that you do end up needing surgery. Even for complex procedures, costs can vary from one location to the next:

The estimated cost of knee surgery is $7,430 at one location or $9,532 at another location.

When you check costs before you check in, you have the potential to pay less out of pocket. And those savings can really add up.

Our online tools make it easy

Log in to your Blue Cross member account now to compare costs using your personalized plan information. Then choose “Find a Doctor or Hospital, Compare Cost and Quality” to find the location or service that best fits your needs.

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*Cost estimates are available to most non-Medicare members. 

**Based on actual costs paid to providers by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in 2016.