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Knowing where to go when you have a cough, injury or sore throat can save you time and money. Explore your choices for care now.

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Where to start: Your primary care doctor

A primary care doctor is sometimes called a primary care physician, PCP or family doctor. They know your health history so they should be your first call when you're not feeling well. It’s important to have a regular doctor, so you can see them when you’re sick or need preventive care like checkups, annual wellness visits and vaccinations.

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Your choices for care

You have options for care that work for you, your family and your budget.

Your need

Short-term, long-term or preventive care for symptoms.

Your care choice

Primary care doctor

Personalized care from a doctor who understands your health care needs and medical history, including what illnesses you’re prone to and medications you’re taking.

Your need

Answers to quick medical questions when your doctor’s office is closed.

Your care choice

24-Hour Nurse Line

Talk to a registered nurse about minor symptoms by phone, day or night. This option is $0 for all Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network members.

Your need

Care for mild symptoms when you can’t see your primary care doctor.

Your care choice

Virtual Care by Teladoc Health®

Have a virtual visit with a U.S. board-certified doctor at any time. It’s a good choice if your doctor’s office is closed, or you can’t get an appointment.

Your need

In-person medical attention for a minor illness or injury on a walk-in basis.

Your care choice

Walk-in clinic

Included in this option are urgent care centers and retail health centers, like those found in pharmacies and grocery stores. Walk-in clinics offer in-person care without an appointment.

Your mental health is important, too

With your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan plan, you have choices for behavioral health care. Many are virtual, over the phone or on-demand. MENTAL HEALTH OPTIONS

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Understanding your symptoms

Knowing what could be causing your symptoms can help guide you to the right type of care.

Want to learn more about your care choices?

Care Choice
A doctor talks to her patient.
Primary care doctor

Your first line of defense when you’re not feeling well.

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Care Choice
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24-Hour Nurse Line

Talk to a registered nurse by phone, day or night.

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Care Choice
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Virtual Care

Meet with a board-certified physician online at any time.

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Care Choice
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Walk-in clinics

In-person care for minor illnesses or injuries without an appointment.

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In an emergency, call 911 or go to an emergency room near you.

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