Ford Employees Find Care

There's never a convenient time to get sick. But when it happens, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has a range of options for Ford employees.

Where to start: Your primary care doctor

A primary care doctor is sometimes called a primary care physician, PCP or family doctor. They know your health history so they should be your first call when you’re not feeling well. It’s important to have a regular doctor, so you can see them when you’re sick or need preventive care like annual physicals and vaccinations.

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Primary care doctor

See a primary care doctor for short-term, long-term or preventive care.

How it works

You make an appointment to see your doctor. Many offices offer same-day appointments and others keep their phones open after hours.

When to use it

If you or a loved one isn't feeling well, you're not pressed for time and it isn't an emergency. When it comes to your health, no one knows you like your primary doctor. Over time, they get to know what illnesses you're prone to and what medications seem to help. And if you need it, they can also recommend follow-up care so you can count on them through your entire care journey.

Find a primary care doctor

Log in to your Blue Cross online account. Then, look for Doctor's Office and choose Find a PCP to start your search.

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24-Hour Nurse Line

Receive answers to quick medical questions when your doctor's office is closed.

How it works

A registered nurse speaks with you over the phone, day or night.

When to use it

If you'd like free advice on whether you should self-treat symptoms or head to the doctor.

Call the nurse line

Call the number that corresponds to your plan to reach a nurse any time, day or night.

PPO members: 1-800-775-2583

HMO members: 1-855-624-5214


Not sure which plan you have? Log in or register to find out.





A child and mother sit together facing a tablet

Virtual Care by Teladoc Health®

Virtual Care makes it easy for you and your family to get care. You can get a prescription if you need it, and even walk away with a visit summary to share with your primary care provider.

How it works

You get face-to-face time — at anytime and from anywhere in the U.S. — with a U.S. board-certified doctor. Just use your smart phone, tablet or computer for a virtual visit.

When to use it

If your doctor isn't available but you'd still like a quick consultation with one. It's also a good option if you're traveling.

Virtual Care brochure (PDF)

Access Virtual Care

Download the Teladoc Health app and set up an account on your mobile device or use your Blue Cross online member account to access Virtual Care on mobile or desktop.

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Retail health clinic

How it works

You're seen by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant at a clinic inside your local drug or grocery store.

When to use it

If you'd like a quick, in-person consultation for minor symptoms when your doctor is out. Retail health clinics are usually right around the corner at places you already visit during the week. Just walk in and get treated. Then, pick up your prescription and over-the-counter meds, all in one place. Many offer evening and weekend hours, too.

Find a retail health clinic

To find a retail health clinic that accepts your plan, simply log in to your Blue Cross member account.

Find a nearby health clinic

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Urgent care

Urgent care centers are a good choice if it's after hours, you have a minor illness or injury, and you'd like in-person care.

How it works

You simply walk in. No appointment is needed.

When to use it

If you or a loved one has moderate symptoms, your doctor isn't available but you'd still like an in-person consultation.

Sometimes you get sick when your doctor's office is closed or busy. Urgent care centers can help you with that. They offer extended hours and weekend service that's perfect for the whole family. Many offer labs and diagnostic services, too – giving you convenience and peace of mind.

Find an urgent care center

Get to know where your nearest urgent care center is now so you can save time and money later. Just log in to your Blue Cross member account to find a location that accepts your plan.

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Photo of a young boy with a sprained ankle being seen by an emergency room doctor

Emergency room

Although we hope it never happens, sometimes you need emergency care. The ER at your local hospital will be ready if you find yourself in this situation. Because it was designed for life-threatening conditions, you'll get expert care within moments of your arrival. Keep in mind, visiting for mild to moderate symptoms – like a headache or stomachache – could cost you unnecessary time and money.

How to get this care

In an emergency, call 911 or go to an ER near you.

How it works

You drive up and are assisted inside. Or, an ambulance can transport you there.

When to use it

If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms that could indicate a life-threatening condition – such as chest pain, blurred vision, signs of poisoning or an unconscious state.




Teladoc Health® is an independent company that provides Virtual Care Solutions for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network.