The Coordinated Care portfolio is powered by key technology to deliver a personalized experience for all.

The BCBSM Coordinated Care app helps enhance the Coordinated Care experience through useful digital tools and convenient messaging.

Performance guarantees are an important feature to many parts of the portfolio.

Each offering within the portfolio builds upon each other to enhance the experience of your employees.


The features of Core create the foundation of the Coordinated Care portfolio.

A Nurse Care Manager leads the team of specialists assigned to provide a holistic system of support to your employees with complex or chronic health conditions.

The Core offering provides comprehensive support across medical, behavioral, pharmaceutical and social needs.


Advocate builds upon Core and Navigator to simplify and personalize the health and benefits experience for all your employees.

Member Advocates use in-depth knowledge of benefits and programs to provide a high-touch, personalized experience.

Member Advocates can be reached by phone or through the BCBSM Coordinated Care app.


With support from Clinical Navigators and Member Advocates, Suite can drive greater awareness and engagement with digital health solutions that are specific to conditions.

Suite builds upon the foundation of Coordinated Care Navigator or Coordinated Care Advocate to provide extra assistance to members with complex or chronic conditions.