The Coordinated Care portfolio is powered by sophisticated technologies such as AI and deep data integration. BCBSM has made significant investments in these new technologies to deliver a personalized, best-in-class experience for your employees.

The BCBSM Coordinated Care app helps enhance the Coordinated Care experience for members in care management, through useful, intuitive digital tools and convenient messaging.

Performance guarantees are an important part of several solutions within the overall Coordinated Care portfolio.

There are four offerings in the portfolio. As the offerings increase in price, they also increase in data integration, outreach, and available features. Solutions within the portfolio build upon each other to enhance the experience for your employees. Whether you want increased targeting or end-to-end concierge-style servicing, the Coordinated Care portfolio has a solution to meet your members’ needs.


The features of Core create the foundation of the Coordinated Care portfolio. The heart of the Core solution is a multi-disciplinary, regional care team.

A Nurse Care Manager leads the team of specialists assigned to provide a holistic system of support to your employees with complex or chronic health conditions.

The Core offering provides comprehensive support for medical, behavioral, pharmaceutical and social needs. Dieticians, pharmacists, and social workers are all part of a care team which is led by a nurse care manager.


Enhanced builds a deeper engagement experience while targeting for members with chronic conditions.

Care managers can be reached through the Blue Cross Coordinated Care app or by phone.


Advocate builds on Core and Enhanced features to provide broader access to clinical support. It also provides greater outreach to high-risk or emerging-risk members and more access to sophisticated and convenient digital tools. Advocate also includes an ROI performance guarantee to groups of 1000+.

Member Advocates support your employees with personalized clinical support for acute/episodic health conditions such as knee or shoulder surgery, minor medical procedures and illnesses such as the flu and bronchitis.

As a step up from the Core and Enhanced offerings, Advocate includes reviews from our high dollar claims team at a lower dollar threshold ($75K). This allows more of your potentially high-risk and emerging-risk employees to receive outreach from our care team and engage in our programs.

Member Advocates can be reached by phone or through the BCBSM Coordinated Care app.

Advocate Plus

Advocate Plus builds on Core, Enhanced and Advocate to simplify and personalize the health and benefits experience for all your employees. We provide a dedicated servicing team that feels like an extension to your company.

Member Advocates use in-depth knowledge of benefits and programs to provide a high-touch, personalized experience. They act as a concierge to assist employees with navigating all aspects of the health care system, eliminating hassle and homework to make your employees’ lives easier.

Member Advocates can be reached by phone or through the BCBSM Coordinated Care app.